Planning For A Desert Safari In Dubai

Planning For A Desert Safari In Dubai

Going for a thrilling desert safari in Dubai is certainly exciting. From dune bashing and quad biking to enjoying authentic Arab cuisine, camel rides and sandboarding, there’s a lot to do in the desert. Many tourists start planning for a desert safari in Dubai well before their trip.

There are several highly-rated safari companies in Dubai and each offers something different in murim rpg simulation wiki terms of activities, food and the quality of experience. You can opt for a day trip or go for an overnight desert safari. There are plenty of options to choose from, so get an insight on how to plan a desert safari in Dubai.


A typical Dubai desert safari experience will include lots of entertainment activities and delicious food.  Whether you’re a tourist or long-term UAE resident, you must try this exciting, must-do activity at least once.

Dune bashing in these ferocious 4×4 land cruisers will certainly feel incredible. After the thrilling ride, camel riding, falcon holding, henna painting and other activities allow you to explore the Emirati culture.

Want to make the most of your safari trip? Here’s all that you need to keep in mind to fully enjoy the experience in the desert.

View of a vehicle during dune bashing in Dubai
Dune bashing is an enthralling experience


The timing of your trip will influence your preparations. Usually, desert safaris in Dubai start in the afternoon. However, if you opt for an overnight safari in Dubai, timings may be different. Be sure to get clarity from your tour operator and confirm the exact pickup location to avoid last-minute inconveniences.

Food and Beverages

Desert safari rides can get bumpy. So it is recommended to have a light meal before your trip. Anything that can be nauseating should be avoided. You won’t be left hungry as the dinner feast will be plentiful and delicious. Similarly, you can get water, coffee, tea and soft drinks at the campsite, so pack light.

Clothes, Accessories and Shoes

There is no specific dress code for Dubai desert safari. However, it is important to wear modest clothes, preferably light-coloured linen or cotton. Shorts, light tops, t-shirts, jeans are fine for men, women and kids. Jackets or shawls come handy during the evening. Interestingly, once the sun disappears, it can get chilly quickly.

It would be best to avoid joggers or closed, formal shoes as you surely don’t want to struggle with sand particles in your footwear. Open shoes, flip-flops or sandals would be your friend in the desert. Sunblock is a must, along with protective headgear (hats/caps) and sunglasses. The Keffiyeh (traditional Arabian headscarf) can be used to cover the face if there are strong winds.

Cash/Credit Cards

Carry some spare cash or a credit card along as you might want to buy souvenirs, pictures or videos from the official photographer at the campsite. However, please note that shopping can be a bit expensive at these camps. Consider the value of the product before making the purchase decision.

Pack Light

Carrying limited items is a good idea. This is especially beneficial if you are sharing the vehicle with other passengers. Carrying massive bags around the campsite is also a hassle. We don’t recommend wearing heavy jewellery or keeping a lot of valuables.


Dune Bashing

All safari vehicles have safety prerequisites. In fact, all vehicles have to be approved by the government. However, once you are in the vehicle, it is your responsibility to make use of safety features murim login wiki . Strap on the seat belt and sit tight. If there are any issues, speak to the driver. All drivers are well trained and experienced. Hence, there is nothing to worry about. Yet, fastening the seat belt is the bare minimum one could do. You will still be able to make videos or take pictures. A golden rule is to always listen to your guide/driver.

Other Activities – Quad Biking, Henna Painting, Horse Riding and Camel Riding

After dune bashing, you can engage in a number of activities at the traditional camp. Drive around in the desert on heavy quad bikes. If you enjoy heavy engines, quad biking could be a lot of fun.

If heavy machines don’t appeal to you, feel free to glide on the sand with sandboarding. This could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Camels are known as the ship of the desert. Being in this sea of sand, you ought to sail this ship. Camel riding and horse riding are included in most safari packages. In fact, camel riding in Dubai is a popular activity amongst tourists. Another unique experience is holding the Arabian falcon.

Henna painting is another traditional activity you could try.

People enjoying a dance performance during a desert safari in Dubai trip
Traditional and cultural performance are thoroughly enjoyed by tourists

Dinner and Dance

As the sun goes down, you get the chance to enjoy a delicious buffet dinner while dancers keep you entertained with Tanoura dancing, belly dancing and fire shows.

The dinner is a proper feast.

The BBQ items are served hot with traditional sauces. Along with the food, you can also smoke flavoured shisha. After lots of activity throughout the day, you will feel a bit hungry.

These highly skilled dancers leave the audiences in awe. Arabic dates and hot beverages will also be served during the dinner. The overnight desert safari in Dubai’s schedule is similar, except that it also includes breakfast.

Roaming around in the Desert

During your tour, there will be ample time to soak in the desert atmosphere. Head out of the camp to familiarise yourself with the environment. The vast stretches of sand are the perfect backdrop for some pictures. Look out for the cacti, something you are unlikely to find in many other deserts. Lucky ones sometimes also find cacti flowers.

Moreover, there’s desert wildlife – raccoons, scorpions, lizards and snakes. Stay alert and keep your distance. To be fair, it really isn’t dangerous. But don’t take a raccoon selfie. That could spell trouble anywhere.


The best months to go for desert safari in Dubai are from November to March. The weather generally is pleasant in the afternoons. Nights are not that chilly. So it is just perfect weather for this kind of activity.


This depends on your own preference. What time of the day would you like to go? What type of activities do you enjoy most? Do you want a real desert-like experience or prefer a more luxurious camp? How much money are you willing to spend?

Answer all these questions and you will be able to choose the right safari operator. Also, you might find excellent discounted deals on platforms like Cobone.


Well, there are different types of desert safari in Dubai. The main activities are the same, but add-ons can be different. Desert safari Dubai timings also depend on the type of deal you book. Here’s an overview to give you a better idea. Each type has its own features that are worth experiencing but feel free to compare all and plan according to your convenience.


Typically desert safaris in Dubai start around afternoon. However, you can opt for a morning desert safari. All activities are part of this trip except live entertainment (dances performances) and dinner. If you have limited time in Dubai, this might be a good option.


This is the most popular time for heading to the desert. Typically, it starts after 03:00 pm. You get the whole package including entertainment, food and other activities.


Once you are done with the evening extravaganza, spend the night in the desert under glittering stars. Overnight desert safari in Dubai presents a unique opportunity to get away from the hustle of daily life and simply relax.


Private Desert Safari Book the car and go at your own pace. This is an excellent option for larger groups. However, you will have to pay a little bit extra.


If you own a 4×4 vehicle, you could head to the desert at your own convenience. However, a safari-licensed drive will take over from you for the dune bashing activity. If you opt for this desert safari deal in Dubai, make sure you are aware of the Dubai desert safari location. Operators have particular areas reserved.

Camel riding during desert safari in Dubai
Planning for in advance for a desert safari in Dubai can help make your trip memorable


Dune bashing could be categorised as a harsh activity. Hence, it is not recommended for pregnant women, babies and people with heart or back problems. Avoid dune-bashing if you’re prone to motion sickness. If there are any concerns, it would be best to ask your doctor. However, you could still visit the camp and enjoy henna painting and traditional dances.

Here’s hoping that you are well-prepared for the trip now. The only thing left to do is to make a booking. Also, check out our list of top companies offering desert safari deals in Dubai. Once you have selected a package, desert safari Dubai booking will be straight forward.

Just follow the aforementioned suggestions when planning for Desert Safari in Dubai and you will have a great time. Besides desert safari, there are numerous adventures in Dubai which you could try realdatesnow

It really depends on what type of trip it is. For example, activities would be different for a honeymoon tour to Dubai as opposed to a tour with children. There is something for everyone in this emirate.

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