Things to Check Before Buying a Townhome in Scottsdale

Things to Check Before Buying a Townhome in Scottsdale

Fights between neighbors can be highly annoying, irrespective of where you live. In the city of Scottsdale, conflicts between neighbors are sought to be resolved through a “mediation program,” which, although successful, is quite inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing for all parties involved.

And although you might have friendly neighbors in your apartment or condo, the best way to avoid such conflicts is to look for Scottsdale townhomes for sale. Townhomes, in the USA, refer to properties with double stories that share a wall.

Because houses such as these sit next to each other, it creates a sense of community. However, you enjoy maximum privacy as you don’t share space with neighbors above and below you, thus eliminating the possibility of conflict.

But that is not the only reason behind buying these properties murim login wiki . Unlike single-family homes that require regular upkeep and maintenance, these have significantly smaller yards that you can easily maintain. You also get to enjoy your private balconies and various facilities, depending on which community you buy the property.what are some things you should consider before moving into a townhome, and which townhome communities are popular in Scottsdale? Read on to get the answers below.

Things to Check in a Townhouse Community

How Much Does It Cost?

Usually, townhouses are cheaper than single-family homes. A single-family home in Scottsdale costs 1,088,526 USD on average. In contrast, townhomes have a starting price of 185,000 USD.

As a first-time home buyer, it is better to go with these properties than single-standing homes. One of the reasons is the lesser costs of renovations. Most properties in these communities are usually in good shape and, therefore, don’t require additional investment in upgrading.

What are the HOA Fees and Rules?

HOA refers to a homeowners association, and every townhouse community usually has one. The fees you pay enable the association to maintain the community areas like gardens, pools, spas, gyms, tennis courts, etc.

However, it is advisable to inquire beforehand about the exact fees and if they increase yearly. According to the HOA Rules in Arizona (applicable to Scottsdale as well) Revised Statutes 33-1803, the law prohibits these bodies from increasing the fees by more than 20% in a year.

Apart from fees, HOAs also have several rules that all homeowners must follow. These include prohibiting loud music, hanging towels on the home’s patio, no parking in reserved areas, and no pets (not applicable to all communities) realdatesnow

Is It Close to Conveniences?

You should try finding a townhouse within walking distance of everyday convenience shops like coffee shops, markets, restaurants, and parks. Driving for several miles to get a bag of groceries or visit a coffee shop can be pretty inconvenient.

Moreover, Scottsdale is a pedestrian-friendly city murim rpg simulation wiki , which you should take advantage of to the fullest. Some of the best townhome communities in Scottsdale are situated in Old Town, one of the best neighborhoods for walking.

Another neighborhood that ranks highly on a walking score is North Scottsdale, which coincidentally also houses the best townhomes in Scottsdale. Besides essentials, you can visit various parks like the Indian School Park, Lafayette Parkway, and Tennis Center.

You must consider these factors before searching for Scottsdale townhomes for sale through your real estate agent, as they will help you find a perfect home in a community. Townhomes have many advantages, but one of the most important ones is the absence of noisy or troublesome neighbors.

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