Who is Janita Mae Killam? Bio, Age, Father, Cobie Smulders, Net Worth

Who is Janita Mae Killam? Bio, Age, Father, Cobie Smulders, Net Worth

There are many children who are destined to enjoy a great fame. While some of these children are child artists who are mesmerizing the world with their quirky talents, others are celebrity children who share in the fame of their famous parents. Janita May Clem, the second daughter of Hollywood power couple Clem and Smulders, is one such star kid. Not to mention, Janita is too young to start her career. We are sure that Janita will have a great professional career ahead in life.

Did you know that little Janita is one of the most recognizable celebrity kids of her age?

7-year-old My Clem has been the center of attention since she was born. Her parents Taran Kalim and Cobie Smulders are among the famous actors in the States.

Who Is Janita Mae Killam?

Janita Mae Clem is the daughter of a famous Hollywood couple. Cobie Smulders and Taran Klem.

This six-year-old girl is famous for her parents, who are big-screen celebrities.

Janita Mae Kalam did not work hard for all this fame and success. However, she is too young to join the film or drama industry. People around the world know them because of their famous star parents.

Why Is Janita Mae Killam Famous?

Janita Mae Killam did not get famous by choice. In fact, she is too young to have any way out. She got into the limelight in the media industry because of her mother and father.

Her parents have made a good name in the industry, making their generations proud of them.

Nonetheless, Janita Mae Killam is in limelight because of these similar reasons. She was born in a privileged and luxurious home.

Not only that, upon her birth, she got immense attention from the media and news alike, which made her a famous personality right from the beginning.

Janita Mae Killam Age

How old is Janita Mae Killam? Janita’s age is 7 years till 2022. She was born on 1st January 2015 in New York, United States of America. Also, she celebrates her birthday on 1st January every year and her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Janita Mae Killam Father

Taran kalam is an American Actor, Comedian, Director, Producer, and writer. He has been a part of Saturday night live. he is also known for being a part of single parents, Where he would enact the character of will Copeer. He was born in California on April 1, 1982. When he comes in her mom and dad, were exclusively involved in the entertainment industry.

Janita’s Lifestyle

The Klum sisters are being raised in America in a friendly and luxurious environment. Taran and Kobe’s beautiful daughters spent their early years in New York. Janita was not yet three years old when her parents decided to move to California.

Janita seems to be living her life amid the comforts and luxuries provided by her parents. To learn more about Janita Mae Killam’s family, keep reading.

Janita Mae Killam Net worth

Janita is young and still hasn’t accumulated any wealth. She is just a child. When he comes to her parents, they have made massive wealth for themselves. Cobie Smulders’s net worth is around 18 million US Dollars. Her father taram killam, has an estimated net worth of 12 million US. dollars realdatesnow

Janita Mae Killam appearance

She is as pretty as her mother. She has clear, fair skin with brown hair and brown colored eyes. We have no information about her height and weight, but later, if we get any information about it, we will let you know.

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