Ceramah Kenangan Guru Sekumpul Jilid 1 | Forbes View

Ceramah Kenangan Guru Sekumpul Jilid 1 | Forbes View

Ceramah Kenangan Guru Sekumpul Jilid 1: This book contains stories and anecdotes for teachers who have been teaching for ten years. We will be discussing the first volume of the much-awaited Sarama Kangan Guru Sekampal. The series is a collection of letters from the late Datuk Seri Haji Ong Mahmud, who was the Education Minister from 1974 to 1984. The first volume in this series focuses on the role and various challenges of teachers in Malaysia. They are busy with their work. In his address, Datuk Sir Haji Ong Mahmud emphasized the importance of teachers in building the next generation and offered his suggestions on their role. This series is essential reading for anyone interested in education and an invaluable resource for teachers and educators everywhere.

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