Scrape Telegram Group Members

Scrape Telegram Group Members

If you may want to expand your business one of the ways is to find some group that is related to your business and field of activity. It is better to extract these group members and send them your advertising messages. In the following, we suppose to explain to you how you can extract the group’s member IDs in bulk. Stay with us.

Extracting the Groups Member’s IDs in Telegram

To extract the Telegram groups member’s IDs, you should join the group, open the user’s profile and copy their IDs and keep them somewhere for yourself. But if you want to do it manually, it is intolerable and time-consuming and there is no other way except to do this using a tool that performs this affair for you automatically in the following we want to introduce to you some tools realdatesnow

What is the importance of extracting the member IDs of Telegram group members?

If you find some groups that are related to your business and the field of your activity, you can be sure that the members of that groups may be interested in your field of business and need your services and product. In this case, if you send your advertising message to these people, most probably they will be your customer and you can increase your sale.

Introducing the Extract Telegram Group Member’s ID Automatic Tool

the tools that are active right now are:

  • Silverdor Software
  • Bright Data Software
  • The Virtual User Extracting ID Bot

Introducing Silverdor Software

Silverdor Software is an ideal software for extracting ID from telegram groups and channels. One of the good features of this software is that you can add them to your group after extracting IDs.

One of the disadvantages of this software is that it is expensive. Considering that it does not have many features and capabilities, its price starts from $29, which is expensive compared to competitors with more features.

To provide it you can refer to the below website:

Introducing Bright Data software

Bright Data Bot is one of the best popular tools in the world. This tool has multiplied its popularity due to its good support. With this Bot, you can extract all the information you want in Telegram and use it for marketing.

This Bot has many features, but its price is very high. You have to buy this tool for a monthly subscription and its price starts from 1000 dollars a month.

Bright Data software website address:

Introducing the Virtual User Group ID Extraction Bot

The Virtual user site has one of the most popular bots for extracting Telegram group members. This robot can extract group members for you quickly, in the shortest possible time, and fully automatically. This bot is part of the Virtual User Telegram Bulk Message Sender Bot.

In addition to the ability to extract IDs of Telegram group members, this package can add them to your desired group, the ability to send messages to your ID list, etc. This robot with all these features has a very low price and has a permanent subscription. We recommend that you visit the virtual user site to learn about the full features of this robot and other robots in the package.

The link to the extract IDs of the Telegram group member page:


We told finding groups that are related to your business and sending a message to their members is one of the ways to expand your business. Then we explained the importance of extracting Telegram group members and introduced tools that can automatically extract them for you. Thank you for staying with us until the end.

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