Alien Gear Holsters – Customer Questions Answered

Alien Gear Holsters – Customer Questions Answered

Let’s get right down to enterprise. You need to understand what occurs behind the curtain at Alien Gear Holsters, and we’d want to fill you in. Ask us anything, and we’ll provide you with the dirt. As we’ve grown incredibly inside the previous few years, we’ve observed a few routine questions requested with the aid of using you to our customer support branch.

We need to make the effort and solution 5 of the maximum typically requested questions that pertain to your Alien Gear hid bring holster.

How do I change my gun holster shell?

Great question. To start, get rid of the gun holster shell you’d want to update from the holster base (simply make certain to preserve the base, clips, and spare components pack). Then simply throw the shell you’d want to update into an envelope with a word together along with your call, domestic address, telecell smartphone number, and email. It can be smart to test to verify that we do in reality have the holster you’re searching for. Chances are we do. For more info

Next step: shove it right into a mailbox and wait like a child on Christmas Eve. Simple as that. You might also additionally need to word that if you’re seeking to alternate a revolver shell for a semi-computerized shell, we endorse that you touch Alien Gear Holsters’ customer support for added information.

How do I sign my handgun holster order online?

If you’d want to sing your order like an educated bloodhound, you’ll need to sign in for an account upon checkout at the Alien Gear Holsters website. Once you’ve made your manner thru the easy registration, you’ll then be brought about with a lead time on the give up of the checkout process. This discern is an estimate of simply how lengthy it’ll take to obtain your handmade holster. Once you’ve mounted an account with us, you’ll have the capacity to log in and song your order on

An “Order Confirmed” fame way we’ve obtained your order and payment.

The final fame has to simply get you excited. “Order Complete” way that your order has been finished with the aid of using manufacturing, and has simply been given a postage stamp together along with your call on it.

Why are your hid bring holsters so inexpensive?

Let’s get the boss’s knowledge with this one. Thomas Tedder, the person who became constructing holsters out of his outside shed some years ago, explains that all of it comes right down to reducing waste inside the corporation.

We trim out all of the useless economic fluff to be able to reduce the price of your holster. Secondly, we simply don’t rate a lot for every holster; we’re taking a smaller reduction.

Thomas believes that paying $one hundred for a holster is simply too a lot, and we have an organization’s notion that hid bring have to be less expensive to all.

Why is there the sort of lengthy wait to get a pistol holster?

The easy solution: due to the fact we’ve such a lot of orders. Our digital-ready listing grew alongside our enterprise expansion. Even with a regular corporation growth, we’ve at the end stuck up and decreased the wait time down to 2 to 3 weeks. We understand how essential it’s miles to get your hid bring holster out speedy and efficiently, and we’re proud to mention that we’ve located a manner to do simply that.

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