What is SEM, and How Does it Affect Search Engine Rankings?

What is SEM, and How Does it Affect Search Engine Rankings?

If you’re getting into online marketing, you might have come across the term “SEM”. What you’re probably wondering, though, is: what is SEM? Is it the same thing as SEO?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. In short, it involves paying for ad space on specific search engine queries. This way, when someone enters these queries, your website shows up at the top of the results page. 

Interested in learning more about SEM? Keep reading for more details below. 

What Is SEM Beneficial For? 

You already know what SEM stands for. However, did you know that it offers a variety of benefits? By working SEM into your website marketing strategies, you’ll benefit in the following ways. 

Brand Exposure

One of the biggest benefits of SEM is that it creates brand exposure. After all, if your website is sitting at the top of the results for a keyword that’s relevant to your industry, your brand is going to get substantial amounts of attention. Over time, this can lead to familiarity which can lead to trust which can lead to sales.

 Not to mention, it gives your brand a chance to snag loyal customers. This bodes well for the long run.

Targeted Marketing

Let’s say you purchase ad space for the keyword “automobile tires”. As such, every time someone searches for automobile tires online, your website shows up at the top of the results page. In effect, you are aggressively targeting consumers who are looking to buy tires. 

Since these individuals are already on the cusp of buying, your company stands a decent chance of turning a sale. By simply being located in the right place, your website is bringing you money. 

This is SEM. You can do this for all search terms, with each term available for a different price. 

Having the Top Spot 

SEO (organic search engine ranking) can get your website toward the top of results pages. However, it’s never going to get your website all of the way to the top. 

Why is this? Because the websites at the very top of results pages are those who have paid for ad space. In other words, they’re those who have engaged in SEM. 

Yes, SEO can get you close. But only SEM will bring you the exposure that the top spot commands. 

Does SEM Work?

Now, after all of this explanation about “what is SEM?”, you might be wondering: does SEM work? In short, yes, it does. Only by pursuing SEM can you ensure that your website lands at the top of a specific results page. 

SEO can get you close to the same results.

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