5 Reasons to Own a Portable Water Filter

5 Reasons to Own a Portable Water Filter

Do you know what’s in your tap water? While there are legal limits to the amount of contaminants tap water can contain, it’s rare for water to be completely free of contamination.

There are ways to research your water’s quality, but you may not like what you find. Luckily, you don’t have to drink straight from the tap–you can use a portable water filter to improve your water’s quality.

Many people already use a water filtration system in their homes but haven’t yet transitioned to portable filters. While home filters are great, portable water filters offer even more advantages.

Read on to learn five reasons that you should start using a portable water filter.

1. Convenience

No matter where you are, you need water. Having a filter water bottle on hand is a convenient way to ensure that you never go thirsty–you’ll always have water, and if you run out, you can refill it at the nearest tap.

Portable water filters are lightweight and easy to use. If you don’t feel like carrying the bottle everywhere, you can use a Berkey bag purse to make them even simpler to transport!

2. Clean Water Anywhere

Sure, you can filter your water at home, but home isn’t the only place you get water. What if you’re at a friend’s house and they don’t have a water filtration system?

Water filter portability is the best way to protect your health no matter where you are. A portable filter allows you to clean contaminants from any tap water, keeping your body free of polluted water.

3. Better Taste

Contaminants do more than contribute to potential health issues–they also affect the taste of your water. By removing impurities with your filter water bottle, you’ll end up with better-tasting water.

Taste is only part of the equation. Contaminants can also change the smell of your water; once again, by removing impurities, you can improve your water’s scent.

4. Reduce Plastic Waste

Many people who don’t like tap water choose to buy bottled water instead. The problem is that bottled water creates plastic waste. Think about how much plastic you throw away when you buy a case of bottled water!

A portable water filter gives you the same convenient portability of bottled water, but it’s reusable, cutting down on wasted plastic.

5. Save Money

Buying bottled water isn’t just wasteful–it’s expensive. Why spend money on the bottle after a bottle when you could make a one-time purchase of a portable water filter instead?

Over time, your portable filter will pay for itself. Considering how affordable these filters are, it won’t even take you very long to notice the savings!

Enjoy the Benefits of a Portable Water Filter

A portable water filter has a lot to offer: a convenient form factor, the ability to filter tap water wherever you go, and more. Plus, by using a portable water filter instead of buying bottled water, you’ll help the planet (and your wallet).

Portable filters are only one example of the way technology has improved our lives. For reviews and information about more gadgets that can revolution your lifestyle, visit our tech blog!

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