8 Tips on Creating YouTube Marketing Strategies for Businesses in 2022

8 Tips on Creating YouTube Marketing Strategies for Businesses in 2022

According to Brandwatch, there are over 1.9 billion users logged in every month on YouTube. That’s huge! And since it is such a potent advertising platform, creating Youtube marketing strategies should be a serious consideration for any business.

But, how do you go about strategizing a marketing campaign for YouTube? Well, in this short guide, we’ll introduce you to several YouTube marketing tips that you can take away and get busy with. So, without further adieu, let’s get into it!

Create a YouTube Channel

The first and most obvious step is to create the correct type of YouTube channel for your business. You can easily do this using your Google account since YouTube is part of the company. However, you might want to set up a new Google account that’s dedicated to your business.

So once you have your Google account ready, sign up to YouTube with it and select the “Brand Account” option. It’s better to have a Brand Account, since it allows you and others to access the channel, making it easier to manage like a business.

Once you’ve done that, fill in your “About” info, add some channel art, and add in any web or social media links that you have.

Use Catchy Titles

Many YouTube videos with catchy titles go viral. This is because a catchy title will jump out at a user who’s scrolling away through multiple videos and many people will “take the bait,” so to speak.

Also, ensure that conduct keyword research so that the right users are finding your video. When we say right users, what we mean is the YouTube users that you would want to engage with your content and buy your products or services.

There are plenty of free tools out there that can help you create both catchy and relevant titles. One rule you should remember is to never create a title that’s more than 66 characters long, as all the text won’t show up in someone’s YouTube feed.

Have a Call To Action

When you make videos, ensure to have a call to action in them. The reason for this is that you should try to engage users beyond your videos and direct them to more of your content elsewhere. This other content could be your website, Facebook page, or Instagram page, for example.

Make your call to actions simple and to the point. If they are not clear, you might not achieve your conversion potential. Of course, don’t bombard your audience with a call to action throughout your video.

Share Your Videos

If you solely focus on your content, your YouTube marketing plan will fall short. You should participate in other social media sites where you may distribute your material and increase your subscriber base. As a result, choose the best social media platforms for your company.

If you choose Facebook, you’ll have to make short promotional videos with links to your business’s YouTube videos. Also, include a link to the videos in blog entries, Pinterest boards, Twitter feeds, and LinkedIn groups as well. Plus, there are easy ways now where you can upload a YouTube video to Instagram.

Keep Your Videos Short

Most people who watch YouTube like to watch videos that a less than 15 minutes in length. Any longer, and people can lose interest and click on something else.

So, make your videos short and to the point. Between five and ten minutes is an ideal timeframe.

Also, try not to repeat yourself or over-explain things in videos. Keep your content concise, informative, and to the point. Also, injecting a little humor when marketing with YouTube never hurt anyone.

Customize Your Thumbnails

When people are scrolling through YouTube, one of the most important attention-grabbing aspects of a video is its thumbnail. And just to explain, a thumbnail on YouTube is a snapshot of the content in your video.

Some YouTube creators get millions of hits because of their “clickbait” style thumbnails. Then when viewers come onto their content, it may seem the creators were lying or overemphasizing what they showed in their thumbnail.

Thus, make sure your thumbnail is representative of your content and corresponds with your title. The last thing you want is to attract loads of viewers who then get angry at your misleading thumbnail and for wasting their time.

Create Strategic Partnerships

Collaborating with other Youtube content creators can help to bring a new audience to your brand. A good way to do this is to team up with another business that may offer complementary products or services to your own.

In the end, you should be looking to make a win-win relationship. It may be difficult at first to get anyone on board. However, the more your channel grows and gains a good reputation, the more likely others will be willing to partner with you.

Research Your Competition

If you want to grow on YouTube, one of the quickest ways to do this is to understand how your competition operates. The first step could be to look up competitors’ channels that you are already aware of. Then you can carry out a competitor analysis.

When you do a competitor analysis, you can compare things like:

  • How many subscribers they have
  • Their average views per video
  • How often do they post videos
  • Their video quality
  • The type of comments they’re getting
  • What YouTube video topics they choose

Then, you could go a little deeper into your research and consider which are their most popular videos? How do they represent themselves? And, what sort of brand voice do they have?

Then you can think about how to differentiate what you do from your competitors’ channels. Plus, there’s no shame in stealing ideas; as long as you show them in your own style and voice. Overall, the more you do this sort of research, the better your digital marketing strategy will be.

Creating YouTube Marketing Strategies

Now you should have a much better idea about creating YouTube marketing strategies. There are so many approaches out there, the deeper you look into this topic, we covered some of the fundamental considerations.

Thanks for checking out this content; we hope you found it helpful. If so, please check out our website for similar tips and guides.

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