7 Pro Tips for Changing Video Speed

7 Pro Tips for Changing Video Speed

In America, over 22,000 people work as a film and video editors. Video editing is essential in blending images and sounds to get the message across. It’s a way to convey emotions and themes that complete the video.

Video editing includes cutting scenes and organizing them to fit the script. It also includes adding video transitions and other special effects. Adjusting the speed of the video is also crucial in adding life to the final video.

Do you want to learn ways how to change video speed? Keep reading this guide for seven tips in changing the speed of your videos.

  1. Video Speed And FPS

The US movie and video production industry was worth over $18 billion in 2022. This industry continues to grow with today’s streaming technology. A way to ensure quality content is with excellent video editing.

A pro tip in changing the video speed is checking the number of frames per second. Most cameras only capture 30 frames per second in videos.

Videos with 30 FPS or higher have better quality when adjusting the speed. This speed rate gives a more natural or realistic feel to the video.

  1. Online Video Editing

A way to adjust the speed of a video is with the help of video editing software. It allows the video editor to change the video speed in seconds.

You can speed up video and even trim it to the ideal length. You can also adjust other video elements like the sound.

  1. Speed Up The Video

Changing video speed to a higher rate will reduce its frames per second. This method also reduces the playback length of the video.

This method works well for videos that show a long process. It works well with cooking videos and even time-lapse videos.

  1. Slow Down The Video

When you slow down the video, you generate extra frames. It creates a more lengthy playback when video editing.

You can shoot the video at a higher frame rate to get more footage. The best frame rate for slow-motion videos is 60 frames per second. This rate captures more movements while shooting the video.

  1. Adjust Speed With A Phone

With today’s technology, you can capture film-worthy videos using a smartphone. You can even adjust the quality and speed using the device.

First, go to the video on your phone. Next, tap the More option that’s usually on the upper right of the screen. Click the Playback Speed and adjust.

  1. Editing Software

For video editing software, add the video to the video editing timeline. Then, right-click and select properties. You can now speed up or slow down the video by adjusting the clip speed.

  1. Ensure Video Quality

You can adjust the video for up to 50 percent speed. The video quality becomes less once you hit this rate. This principle applies when slowing down videos.

The Best Video Speed Options

These are seven pro tips for changing video speed. Adjusting the speed of your videos can make your video look professional. Follow this guide to change the video speed for your next project.

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