4 Ways to Make Your Own Funny Meme

4 Ways to Make Your Own Funny Meme

One of the best ways to gain online visibility is by creating a funny meme. If your meme goes viral, you can literally gain thousands of followers on social media overnight.

But how do you even go about creating a meme? Furthermore, how do you make sure people will see it once it’s finished?

We are here to provide a few answers. Keep reading for four of the best tips on how to make a good meme.

  1. Find or Create the Right Photo

First, let’s talk about imagery. While a funny caption definitely finishes off a funny meme, it’s all about finding the right photo.

If you have content in mind that you want to create, it will make your search easier. Alternatively, you can attempt to create your own photo.

Otherwise, you can scour the internet. Try searching for “funny pictures” on Google to start. Just make sure that none of the photos you choose are copyrighted.

  1. Come Up With a Fitting Caption

Once you have a suitable photo that makes you laugh, begin coming up with funny captions. A hilarious caption is essential for funny memes.

We recommend writing a handful of captions. Then, narrow it down to your top five.

From here, show the fully-realized meme options to your family, friends, and coworkers. Have them vote for their favorite captions to get an idea of which meme will be best received. It might be a good idea to have them rank their top three choices.

  1. Find a Free Online Meme Maker

The next step in how to make a meme is putting it all together. We recommend using free online software, like this meme maker.

You can also try other photoshop-style programs. However, they will not be as simple and straightforward as software created specifically to make memes.

Be careful that your caption is legible, but not overwhelming. It shouldn’t take away from the image itself.

  1. Publish Your Meme 

Finally, it’s time to get your funny meme out into the digital world. There are a number of ways you can do this.

Start by posting it to your personal social media pages. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and any other accounts you use.

To gain maximum visibility for your funny meme, encourage your friends and followers to share your post. Then, their friends and followers will also see it.

And lastly, if you want your meme to go viral, it might be worth it to invest in paid social media advertising. You can pay to have certain demographics of people see your meme in their feeds. This will drastically increase your exposure.

Ready to Make a Funny Meme?

Now that you know how to make funny memes, are you ready to get started? We hope our guide helps you begin the process to create a hilarious meme that goes viral. And remember, if your first one doesn’t take off, keep trying.

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