7 Personal Branding Tips to Help You Stand Out on Instagram

7 Personal Branding Tips to Help You Stand Out on Instagram

Over 2 billion people use Instagram across the globe. Regardless of your target audience, this platform can help your personal brand grow. The only issue is starting your brand-building efforts.

Without proper expertise, you might feel overwhelmed with the process. It might also cause you to make costly mistakes. If you aren’t careful, you could end up damaging your branding instead.

Do you want a good starting point for your social media marketing strategy? If so, continue reading to learn some Instagram personal branding tips.

  1. Post Pictures Consistently

Your Instagram profile photo and posts must be consistent. It ensures people look at your Instagram feed. A good practice is to keep your pictures similar to those posted on your website, blog, or Facebook profile.

Instagram Stories are different since they are for behind-the-scenes photos. It’s more spontaneous, meaning you need not polish them. You can pick some, as long as they look good next to each other.

These images should also focus on the following:

  • Subject
  • Angle
  • Zoom
  • Coloring

Following these gives the profile grid a more natural flow. It makes users more likely to scroll through, driving more engagement.

  1. Use Your Feed to Tell a Story

Your branding images should narrate a story. It should show your personality, desires, and perspectives. However, you need not be too heavy with your direction.

The Instagram story doesn’t need to be perfect to express yourself. However, taking pictures of your breakfast and pets isn’t always advisable. You must find balance if you want to become interesting.

Achieve this by learning what you want to share with the world. Doing so means discovering your niche target audience. After all, these people will know your expertise.

  1. Respond to Comments

Reply to the people commenting on your captions. Instagram users never like feeling you’re leaving them hanging. Your social media branding strategy should encourage people to know you more.

Some comments may be obvious spam. When it happens, mark the comment as such to remove them. Letting spammy comments into your profile make it seem like you’re negligent of your audience.

Look out for direct messages, especially those in the “Requests” folder. They are likely spam unless you’re already following the Instagram account. Ignore, trash, or block these profiles to prevent getting compromised.

  1. Interact With Other Instagram Users

Do you want to increase your engagement? If so, you must get other people to notice you. It can be tedious, considering the short attention spans of most online users.

However, one sure-fire way to get some people to look is to like their posts. To start, pick a hashtag with low engagement.

For example, those with less than 100 likes will more likely notice you. In turn, they check your profile and potentially follow and engage with you. 

Consider liking your follower images, as well as the people you’re following. It lets them know you have similar interests. Before long, they might end up engaging with your profile.

Are you looking to grow your profile faster? If so, consider clicking on the linked page to get free Instagram likes. It will help you get started and gain more followers in the long run.

  1. Make Regular Uploads

As mentioned above, consistency is your key to succeeding in social media marketing. It means posting every day while maintaining your content consistency. Instagram Stories is a different matter since you might need to upload more.

Uploading each day will increase your posts’ exposure. The Instagram algorithm boosts your reach, putting it in front of more people.

Sometimes, your engagement rates increase when posting at specific times of the day. You can use these opportunities to develop a more consistent schedule.

Otherwise, going days or weeks with no Instagram posts will hurt your stats. It will impact your growth when you rely on the platform to improve your brand. Before long, it will make your intended audience forget you existed.

  1. Never Overdo the Filters

Instagram’s popularity among young adults was due to its editing filters, similar to Snapchat. It included ones to make your images look stylized or flat. They aren’t as extensive as the latter’s, with the puppy dog tongues or cat eyes.

Even so, avoid overdoing the Instagram filters since they make your photos less realistic. You need not make your images look like fairytales or fantasy-themed. Instead, aim to convey authenticity.

Nowadays, people love realistic but polished content on their feeds. If you use heavy filters, you will look outdated. It makes your audience think you’re out-of-touch and distant.

Are you planning to push the heavily edited appearance? If so, make your distinct editing style and apply it to every image before posting.

  1. Learn More About the Platform

Is it your first time on the Instagram platform? Consider spending more time as a user to understand its various quirks. For example, Instagram focuses on hashtags, but no one knows the correct number to include.

Regardless, the average Instagram post has over ten hashtags. When doing this, your goal is to blend specific and generic hashtags while ensuring relevancy. It will increase your odds of getting noticed.

Another way to garner more attention is through your Instagram bio. You can use it to give a fascinating summary alongside your contact information. Consider putting relevant links like your website or portfolio to make it easier for your audience to reach you.

Learn More Personal Branding Tips Now

We hope you learned something from our personal branding tips guide. Never let your lack of Instagram experience stop you. Use these to ensure your growth in the future.

However, your chances of growing increase when you work with a professional. Consider hiring a social media marketing agency to work with you. They have the expertise to ensure your growth is cost-efficient.

Did you find this guide helpful? If so, read our other posts and learn more valuable information to build a brand.

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