The Best Time of Year to Visit Las Vegas: A Travel Guide

The Best Time of Year to Visit Las Vegas: A Travel Guide

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas in the near future? If you’ve never been to Las Vegas before, then you’ve at least heard stories about this big party city. Everyone has a great time when visiting Vegas and as you most likely already know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so get ready to have some fun!

Before you book your flight and pack your bags, it’s beneficial to know when the best time of year to visit Las Vegas is. You don’t want to simply choose your vacation days based on prices or free time. Instead, know when to visit Las Vegas, and then plan your trip around this information. 

To learn when to plan your Las Vegas vacation, continue reading below. Here’s everything you need to know about the best time to visit Vegas!

Determine Your Itinerary

The first thing you need to do before deciding when the best time to visit Vegas is to know what you plan to do while there. Most people plan to visit Las Vegas for the strip and to engage in lots of indoor activities, such as watching shows, finding speakeasy bars, or visiting the casino (don’t hesitate to look into more info on the best speakeasy in Vegas). However, Vegas offers much more than bright lights and nightlife. 

Las Vegas is also home to many wonderful outdoor attractions and activities, such as hiking, rocking climbing, visiting Red Rock Canyon, and much more! If you plan to stick with indoor activities, then the weather won’t have much of an effect on your travel plans. If you plan to explore the Las Vegas nature scene, then you’ll want to avoid traveling during the summer months when temperatures can get uncomfortably high.

Avoid the Crowds

The busiest time of the year for Las Vegas is during the summer and during the winter months. You’ll find two different types of crowds during these times. Those looking to enjoy summer events and spend their summer vacation in Vegas and those looking to enjoy the strip when temperatures are a bit more comfortable. 

To avoid the crowds, consider visiting in the fall right after school starts back up. Everyone’s getting back into the swing of things for the new school year and is less likely to be traveling. 

Catch-All of the Events and Festivals

The best time of the year to visit depends on what you’re visiting for. If you want to enjoy all of the amazing events and festivals Vegas has to offer, then you’ll want to visit during those times. Spring is home to music and food festivals. 

Summer offers an Independence Day celebration and the World Poker Series. During the Fall, you’ll catch the iHeart Radio Music Festival and the Greek Food Festival. Last is winter, where you’ll be greeted with the Las Vegas Bowl and a big New Year’s Celebration.

When’s the Best Time of Year to Visit Las Vegas?

There might not be one specific best time of year to visit Las Vegas. Instead, the best time of the year to visit will depend on your specific itinerary or needs. Think about what you plan on doing when there and then choose a time of year according to your plans. 

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